Saagar/Helvete - Split 2012

Among the releases delivered to us by "Mortis Humanae Productions" was this Split of two argentianian hordes, namely "Saagar" (formed in 2011 by "Saagar" alone) and "Helvete" (also born in 2011 by the four members called "Holocausto", "Overall Slaughter", "Abstract" and "Agony"). The running time of this release totals at about 22 minutes.

The Saagar-side starts with an ambientesque intro before going into a usual, mid-tempo beats (there are some blast beats in the progress of the song) joined by electric guitar and Saagar's voice. The artificial EzDrummer drumset has found an interesting balance between "dry" and "wet" sounds. Though synthetic in its nature it has very natural tones in the mix. Near the ending of the first song one can even find unobtrusive electric beats. The aforementioned ambient and metal parts alternate throughout the whole performance of "Chaos Seasons I-V".Guitars presented seem far away ('behind' the atmospheric Synth-sounds), very distorted dark riffs being their main target. An electric bass seems to have been used but sadly can't really be made out most of the time, the ending of "Chaos Seasons" being an exception; either it wasn't recorded for parts of this piece of music or it has been pushed into silent corners of the mix. Saagar's vocals can be deemd as scratchy and unaltered, no big aftertouches have been applied to his voice. The two minute long second recording called "Limbus" is a pure electronic piece carried out with synths and a sparse use of electronic beats, no metal influences here imply the use as that of an outro.

Helvete's portion of this split is oriented towards the roots of Black Metal, containing harsh riffing in alternating tempos, drums ranging from usual mid-tempo backing to fast blast beats. "Agony's" voicework is presented in a well used nagging form and even some deathish growling near the end of "Carnivora Dementia". The guitars have that backgroundish kind of sound favorized by many of the artists searching for a melodic-atmospheric path amongst dark audial art: sharp, not exactly up to the front and using both conventional and dissonant notes. For some variety both tracks feature short, clean guitar leads which break up parts of the songs. What about the thick, low strings of the bass guitar? Recorded, audible, usually oriented on the main speed of the recordings and forging the fundament of the song in a usual manner. Both tracks are overall presented in an well executed underground-style.

01 Saagar - Chaos Seasons I-V (08:55)
02 Saagar - Limbus (02:22)
03 Helvete - Carnivora Dementia (05:16)
04 Helvete - Impaled (05:47)

Subjective impression:
The material is interesting, Saagar's contribution more experimental while Helvete's part is definitely aimed at fans of old school extreme metal. A Downside - for me - was, that Saagar's part didn't do the style I guess he was heading for justice, this would've worked better on a release with four or more songs in 'usual lengths' or a lenghty ones. "Chaos Seasons" and "Limbus" together give an idea what was intended; but the overall playing time was too short to really get through to the listener. Despite this small point of criticism I deem this split enjoyable for it gives an impression in which direction both projects want to go.


Known formats:

18.05.12, M.V.