Aegeon - Entrance to the Gardens of Death

Through supporters from France, namely the relatively new underground Black Metal Label "Mortis Humanae Productions" we were given a copy of the newest EP of this finnish one-man project called "Aegeon", run by "Lord Aegeon" solely. This EP released on the aforementioned label is the second output after one Demo in the year 2011 CE. As one can see, four tracks are included, adding up to about 22 minutes in length.

From the first to the last recording the main tempo is oriented towards slower, doomish song progressions. Soundwise you get the impression that everything is bleak and far away, a sharp tone with dominant heights is overtly present. Lord Aegeon's vocals present themselves as grim, hoarsely screaming and occasional gargling. Though there is a recorded bass - sometimes distorted - it doesn't deliver much deep sounds, low frequencies are subdued or entirely avoided - maybe intentional - throughout the whole recording. The most articulated (lower) mids are presented via the toms which have been used in a ambient manner: a noteable step louder than other parts of the mix and saturated with a short reverb (one can listen to this technique near the end of "Journey from the Past", for example). The positive aspects to this way of production are an even raspier sound especially when it comes to the layered, 'openly picked' guitars, the downside however is that to some ears the mastering may seem incomplete.

The lyrics represent generally dark themes but are not plain to understand which to a level can be attributed to the production style of this release. Since the texts are not openly available to our knowing some things have to be assumed right now (which has something to it of course). However any lyrical adding fits the music - grim, bleak, harsh.

All in all, this is a underground release filled with gloom and influenced by old-school projects. The tonal quality brings forth a remembrance to early atmospheric-oriented demos; just spiced up by a overall more defined sound and less lo-fi background hiss. One can get a own impression of the material by visiting the bands Myspace.

01 The 13th Eclipse (04:13)
02 Forbidden Entrance to the Gardens of Death (06:58)
03 Journey from the Past (06:06)
04 Pierced Wings (05:35)

Subjective impression:
This release certainly is aimed at black metal maniacs, those who dig their nails deep into the underground and embrace the grimness they find without expecting to encounter tones polished in detail, overproduced soli or epic, hollywoodesque backgrounds. "Journey from the Past" left the best impression on me. It's just dark.


Known formats:

09.05.12, M.V.